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About my book
"Les secrets d'une vie d'éleveur... ou l'art d'être Schnauzer"


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Breeding dogs means living with dogs. With them and for them. All day long, all night long. Any beginner will tell you so. (…)

Sharing the love harmoniously divided to the whole pack became tricky the day we noticed and then literally fell for this two-and-a-half-month-old lovely little puppy. Him and us forever linked up by a silver wire!
This love at first sight was called Luther King. Almost twenty years after the beginnings and for over … eleven years.
His death was rough. We were crushed. (…)

Without counting the days passing by, the hours and minutes becoming longer, endless and stifling.
The idea of writing a book came to me as a relief. A therapy.
At the beginning, the first words shook up, the sentences overlapped. Then, rather quickly, the memories of the times we spent together, the memories of joy, of pain, became clearer.
Writing slowly came out from my entrails, like a relief. (…)
After writing a few chapters in no particular order –because of an emotional and selective memory- the title became obvious to me. The great void left by ‘Lulu’’s absence suddenly revealed to me why ‘he had chosen me’. (…)

Luther King taught me ten times, one hundred times more than all his predecessors put together. This breed dear to my heart became day by day, and thanks to him, my second self!
The distress caused by his death quickly created the need, the necessity of universal recognition among his peers. The title was there:

or the secrets of a breeder's life »