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About my book
"Les secrets d'une vie d'éleveur... ou l'art d'être Schnauzer"

Yvette holding a 6-week-old Giant puppy

2-month-old Miniature puppies


Above our knowledge, some intuition will often get the upper hand. This intuition will bring us to rather unorthodox choices. But, most of the time, the results will improve the lineage quality!
We are firmly convinced that breeding is not job but a gift!
It is uneasy to justify why we finally decide to keep this female and to breed her with this stud, for example.
After a drastic selection of breeders, our first and rational analysis is swept away in a flash...
Suddenly, we hang over our -starchy- hesitations and, in a split second, the solution stands out, like a geyser spouts up!...
The litter will be born right under Mother Earth’s very nose, making light of this trick!
Nevertheless, it will never happen while smiling complacently or priding ourselves on it!
Respect is imperative, like polite greetings...

Those who carry on regardless of this elementary ‘breeding rule’ will waste their production, like a very short-lived firework...

As we firmly follow this line of conduct, we have won champion titles in about ten countries and we hope to continue for a long time yet.

Our selection criteria have remained the same since we started:
A good shape standing the test of time;
A stable and well-balanced nature;
A beauty that leaves no one indifferent.

Pierre et Yvette Jolibois.